FLATYZ candles

FLATYZ candles

Inspired by changing the conventional way of candle making, FLATYZ began its story in 1999. Our co-founders launched FLATYZ with the idea to create the world’s first-ever flat candle that would serve as a beautiful canvas for handpainted designs.

All FLATYZ candles are made in Lithuania by the meticulous handwork of our artisans, making each candle authentic and unique. With over 300 designs, our hand-poured and hand-painted candles decorate and illuminate every space, occasion, and ambience.

FLATYZ is proudly the world’s most unconventional and beautifully handcrafted candle today. We thank you for helping us spread the light! Hand-crafted with love, The FLATYZ Team


Our story

It all started in 1999

Our history of hand-crafting candles began as a fortuitous friendship between two candle making enthusiasts – Darius Igaris and Aidas Gilaitis. They have been following their passion for mastering and tirelessly improving the art of candle making.

Working worldwide

After joining creative forces, the ingenuity and dedication took on a hand-crafted flat candle shape. It was clear from this moment that the whole world had to see this unique patented technology product. Our products are sold in the USA, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other markets. We are always open to new opportunities!


Our legacy

All candles are hand-crafted using only the highest-quality raw materials we procure from select industry leaders with unwavering reputation. The time-tested, unique technology is combined with a meticulous artisanal manufacturing process, resulting in candles of unparalleled quality.


Our team

Darius Igaris

Managing Director
+370 685 01659

Aidas Gilaitis

Head of Production
+370 656 71745

Valdas Jadzevičius

Head of Projects
+370 685 84133

We’re always open for partnership

With candles collections of Nature, Holidays, Greetings and Fine Art, we are constantly looking for opportunities for collaboration with young artists. So let’s make Your idea a reality by producing a custom candle design or even a full line of Your paintings.

Interested in working with us? Contact us. +370 685 01659